Don’t Miss: Gdansk, Poland

     I have written about Gdansk several times, trying to convince you to visit this magical city and gasp with amazement while walking down Dluga Street where each colourful tenement building looks like a house from a fairy tale. There is yet another reason to give Gdansk a go- a couple of weeks ago it was voted number 3 in European Best Destinations 2017, right behind Porto and Milan. Not bad at all for a first timer in a competition. And it was a complete coincidence that we were in Gdansk for just short of 48 hours when the winners were announced. Have a look how you can spend 2 days in Gdansk. (more…)

3 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream

New Year, new me…yeah, yeah….but who doesn’t love ice cream!?

How would you describe perfect ice cream? Easy, delicious and guilt free. This is how I describe my ice cream. It’s healthy and I’m sure it will satisfy your sweet tooth. And  you will be able to give yourself a huge tick on the New Year’s resolutions list. What are you waiting for? (more…)

Michaelmas Fair, Burton Agnes Hall

I know what you think. What? Christmas? It’s so yesterday! Well, it depends how you look at it. It’s history or something to look forward to as the festive season is less that 363 days away! At the very end of October we visited Burton Agnes Hall to embrace the festive spirit with a plethora of autumn and winter decorations, toys and delicacies.


Autumn in Gdansk: Photo Diary

Gdansk is always full of charm. No matter when you visit this beautiful city. At the end of October, we spent a day wandering in Old Town, eating pierogi and soaking in the atmosphere of autumnal Gdansk. Misty and foggy mornings. Short bursts of afternoon sunshine. The darkness of skies. Enjoy!img_5381 img_5288


Photo diary: Bialystok, Poland

Recently, I have read somewhere that Bialystok is one of the best cities to choose for your retirement.

img_4604 img_4602

Well, my retirement is still a long way off, however having spent a couple of days in Bialystok I can see why this place might be appealing to those seeking a perfect place to relax. Bialystok is safe, quiet and multicultural where the west and east meet. Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of the international language of Esperanto was born and worked here. Being a host of many cultures and religions for many years means that Bialystok offers a mosaic of cuisines, faiths, languages and cultural experiences that are worth travelling for just a little bit further east.

Moja emerytura nie jest jeszcze tak blisko, jednak po spędzeniu kilku dni w Białystoku wiem już czemu to jest on idealnym miejscem do relaksu. Bialystok jest bezpieczny, spokojny i wielokulturowy, gdzie zachód spotyka się ze wschodem. Ludwik Zamenhof, twórca międzynarodowego języka Esperanto, urodził się i pracował w Białymstoku. Gospodarz wielu kultur i religii, Białystok oferuje mozaikę kuchni, wiar, języków i doświadczeń na scenie kulturowej, dla których warto udać się jeszcze bardziej na wschód. (more…)

Mint and blackberry ice cream

Don’t give up! Summer is not over yet!

vegan mint ice cream (5) vegan mint ice cream (3)

Plus, whatever the weather, it is always time to indulge into this delicious and vegan ice cream.

Nieważne jaka jest pogoda za oknem, zawsze jest czas na pyszne, wegańskie lody. (more…)

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