No bake avocado and lime cake

It is not too late. It is never too late to bake a cake. Ok. There is actually no baking involved but the final result is quite stunning. The avocado and lime cake is super tasty with smooth texture of healthy avocados and tangy freshness of limes. It is very easy and quick to make. It will appeal to you especially if you have a sweet tooth and if you are nuts about healthy eating. Ready? (more…)

Where to grab a coffee in Gdansk?

When visiting Gdansk you simply have to indulge yourself in some of the best specialities of the Polish cuisine. From great beer, to aromatic fish, to my all time favourite pierogis. There is enough delicacies to keep your going, no matter whether it’s a flying visit or a longer, leisurely holiday. As much as you need a good restaurant, you will need a great café serving delicious coffee to prevent you from falling into an afternoon slumber or simply kick start your morning. There are two fabulous and quirky (yup, it’s all about the quirkiness) cafes that you should visit when exploring Gdansk. (more…)

For & against: hotel or apartment?

The dream destination chosen, the tickets booked, expectations through the roof…now, it’s time to choose somewhere to stay. I’m always swaying from one extreme to the other. Do we need a posh, luxurious hotel? Yes! We are going on holidays and we are going to treat ourselves to something nice! Can we not stay in a cheap and cheerful bed& breakfast? Yes, we can! We won’t be spending a lot of time in a room anyway as we will be exploring the city! Sounds familiar? Let me add to that. A hotel or an apartment? Last time we went to Gdansk we stayed in one of the most comfortable, central and beautiful apartment ever!


Gdansk: sunrise stroll

Get up at the first sight of sunshine. Go for a jog. Grab a quick shower. Eat super healthy breakfast and start off your day with bags of energy. Well, that does not sound like me at all. If snoozing your alarm was an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medallist. Do you really have to get up at sunrise to be successful? I have been reading a lot recently about famous and prominent people who contribute their greatness to jumping out of bed at the time that many (including me) would regard as the middle of the night. That is why I’m sharing this post with you! I feel like I have brushed shoulders with the great ones of this world as I managed to drag myself out of bed just before sunrise and had a lonely stroll on some of the most iconic and beautiful streets in Gdansk. Not a single soul. Apart from me. And a cat. My very own private tour of Gdansk. (more…)

Don’t Miss: Gdansk, Poland

     I have written about Gdansk several times, trying to convince you to visit this magical city and gasp with amazement while walking down Dluga Street where each colourful tenement building looks like a house from a fairy tale. There is yet another reason to give Gdansk a go- a couple of weeks ago it was voted number 3 in European Best Destinations 2017, right behind Porto and Milan. Not bad at all for a first timer in a competition. And it was a complete coincidence that we were in Gdansk for just short of 48 hours when the winners were announced. Have a look how you can spend 2 days in Gdansk. (more…)

3 ingredient vegan ice cream

New Year, new me…yeah, yeah….but who doesn’t love ice cream!?

How would you describe perfect ice cream? Easy, delicious and guilt free. This is how I describe my ice cream. It’s healthy and I’m sure it will satisfy your sweet tooth. And  you will be able to give yourself a huge tick on the New Year’s resolutions list. What are you waiting for? (more…)

Michaelmas Fair, Burton Agnes Hall

I know what you think. What? Christmas? It’s so yesterday! Well, it depends how you look at it. It’s history or something to look forward to as the festive season is less that 363 days away! At the very end of October we visited Burton Agnes Hall to embrace the festive spirit with a plethora of autumn and winter decorations, toys and delicacies.


Autumn in Gdansk: Photo Diary

Gdansk is always full of charm. No matter when you visit this beautiful city. At the end of October, we spent a day wandering in Old Town, eating pierogi and soaking in the atmosphere of autumnal Gdansk. Misty and foggy mornings. Short bursts of afternoon sunshine. The darkness of skies. Enjoy!img_5381 img_5288


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