For & against: hotel or apartment?

The dream destination chosen, the tickets booked, expectations through the roof…now, it’s time to choose somewhere to stay. I’m always swaying from one extreme to the other. Do we need a posh, luxurious hotel? Yes! We are going on holidays and we are going … Continue reading “For & against: hotel or apartment?”

The Devonshire Arms Hotel in Skipton

In need of recharging your batteries? Looking for the perfect weekend away that does not involve extensive planning? Sit back, relax and enjoy The Devonshire Arms Hotel in North Yorkshire. It ticks all the boxes: beautifully designed rooms, gorgeous surroundings of Yorkshire … Continue reading “The Devonshire Arms Hotel in Skipton”

Short stay in Gdansk: Holland House Residence

Our stay in Gdansk was very short (half a day) and sweet (cups of tea and coffee). We could not ask for more fabulous weather- when we arrived the thermometers were showing 10 degrees in the glorious sunshine! And although … Continue reading “Short stay in Gdansk: Holland House Residence”

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