Michaelmas Fair, Burton Agnes Hall

I know what you think. What? Christmas? It’s so yesterday! Well, it depends how you look at it. It’s history or something to look forward to as the festive season is less that 363 days away! At the very end of October we visited Burton Agnes Hall to embrace the festive spirit with a plethora of autumn and winter decorations, toys and delicacies.

Burton Agnes Hall is situated in East Yorkshire, about 10 minute drive from Bridlington. Every year there are colourful stalls with hand-made decorations, quirky toys, chestnuts, hot pork pies and something for those who have got a sweet tooth. Not to mention the Morris dancers of which I am afraid- since the very time I saw them over 8 years ago. Analyse me!

Once you have a good look around and pick your buys, it is obligatory to take a walk around the gardens. Although it was the end of October, it was strangely warm and sunny, therefore we could fully admire all the nooks and crannies of the walled gardens. With a quick stop to finish pork pies, we enjoyed the warmth of the autumnal sun and clear, blue skies of Yorkshire.

Has Christmas just gone, is Christmas on its way, half- empty, half-full? I’m already looking to visiting Burton Agnes Hall next year!

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