Don’t Miss: Gdansk, Poland

     I have written about Gdansk several times, trying to convince you to visit this magical city and gasp with amazement while walking down Dluga Street where each colourful tenement building looks like a house from a fairy tale. There is yet another reason to give Gdansk a go- a couple of weeks ago it was voted number 3 in European Best Destinations 2017, right behind Porto and Milan. Not bad at all for a first timer in a competition. And it was a complete coincidence that we were in Gdansk for just short of 48 hours when the winners were announced. Have a look how you can spend 2 days in Gdansk.

  1. Dluga Street

It is hard to miss the most popular promenade in Gdansk, the heart of the city. You can stroll along the beautifully coloured and decorated tenement buildings any time of the day, in any weather, any time of the year and I guarantee that you will love every single step. You can admire the Gothic Town Hall which was rebuilt in Renaissance style after the fire in 16th century. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet treat in one of many cafés situated on Dluga street, stop for a performance taking place in an unusual theatre in which a window is a stage, or step back in time while in Uphagen House to explore the magnificent interiors of a 18th century merchant house.

2. Neptune’s Fountain

You are bound to meet him while walking in Old Town- his highness Neptune, the ruler of the seas. Decorated in the Rococo style and fashioned after a fountain in Bologna, as you can imagine, it is one of the most popular spots for taking pictures and selfies! Be patient, wait for your turn, snap!

3. The Crane

Keep walking and you are a couple of minutes away from the Moltawa River, another popular route amongst tourists and inhabitants of Gdansk, the Crane. Built in medieval times, it is one of the most characteristic and recognisable buildings in Gdansk. It also hosts the exhibitions of National Maritime Museum.

4. Mariacka Street

It is easy to miss it. Walking down Moltawa River, keep looking left. You are about to step through a small arch and set your eyes on one, if not the one, of the most charming and magical streets you have even seen in your life- Mariacka Street. Once you have experienced its charm, it will be difficult to forget it and you will keep coming back to this cobbled tiny string of cafes, amber stalls and gargoyles. A compulsory stop for selfie, photography, art and romance inclined.5. St. Mary’s Basilica

At the end of Mariacka Street, an imposing Gothic church- St. Mary’s Basilica. It is the largest brick church in Europe, with countless pieces of art, from astronomical clock to baroque organs. I loved stepping in inside in the church through massive, wooden door, leaving the last rays of winter sun behind me. The rows of pews. And just several other people silently admiring the ascetic church. Suddenly you feel so small  surrounded by white washed stone walls and hundreds of years of history.

All of these attractions are within walking distance from one another and I managed to see all of them the very same afternoon we arrived in Gdansk while the Englishman got caught up in his work for a couple of hours. Once he got off the phone, it was time for a bite to eat and to see the sights again. Mariacka Street in the middle of the night- pure magic!

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