Gdansk: sunrise stroll

Get up at the first sight of sunshine. Go for a jog. Grab a quick shower. Eat super healthy breakfast and start off your day with bags of energy. Well, that does not sound like me at all. If snoozing your alarm was an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medallist. Do you really have to get up at sunrise to be successful? I have been reading a lot recently about famous and prominent people who contribute their greatness to jumping out of bed at the time that many (including me) would regard as the middle of the night. That is why I’m sharing this post with you! I feel like I have brushed shoulders with the great ones of this world as I managed to drag myself out of bed just before sunrise and had a lonely stroll on some of the most iconic and beautiful streets in Gdansk. Not a single soul. Apart from me. And a cat. My very own private tour of Gdansk.

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