For & against: hotel or apartment?

The dream destination chosen, the tickets booked, expectations through the roof…now, it’s time to choose somewhere to stay. I’m always swaying from one extreme to the other. Do we need a posh, luxurious hotel? Yes! We are going on holidays and we are going to treat ourselves to something nice! Can we not stay in a cheap and cheerful bed& breakfast? Yes, we can! We won’t be spending a lot of time in a room anyway as we will be exploring the city! Sounds familiar? Let me add to that. A hotel or an apartment? Last time we went to Gdansk we stayed in one of the most comfortable, central and beautiful apartment ever!

‘Yes’ to a hotel

Checking in and checking out: No matter what time you arrive, you can expect a human being at a reception desk. You also do not have to worry about late check in/ check out even if you’re arriving in the middle of the night (as we did in Oslo in October!). Some apartments might charge extra if you rock up at their door, so double check before you book.

24 hour service: Thirsty? Hungry? And it’s the middle of the night? You can take a midnight stroll to a hotel bar or order yourself a club sandwich- straight to your room!

Room service: Is there a better way to end your day than slipping into a freshly made bed? Linens stretched to the point where a matchstick bounces, fluffy pillows…Yes! I guess one way to experience the holiday spirit, is to know that you do not have to worry about making your bed in the morning. You might be regarded as strange, if you do!

Extra services: Massage, hairdressing,  nails- you never know when you will need these!

‘Yes’ to an apartment

Live like a local: Even if just for a couple of nights, you can pretend you live in that place and in that city! Staying in an apartment in New York City a couple of years ago, just a short stroll from Central Park was like a dream coming true! Grab a coffee, croissant, a muffin, hail a taxi…a true New Yorker!

Master chef: Good breakfast is pivotal to my good mood! Proven! Having a little kitchen means you can rustle something up in the morning or late at night. I usually pop out to a local shop and get some fresh bread rolls plus something to nibble when the midnight hunger strikes!

Design: I usually go for rooms with a twist, quirkiness, something unusual. Hotel rooms might be a little bit boring and monotonous. Predictable. Our apartment in Gdansk (belonging to the Patio Apartments) was absolutely fabulous. As there was a problem in the one we had booked to start with, we were upgraded to a two bedroom, brand new apartment. A big living room, comfy sofas, well- equipped kitchen, great bathroom. The whole apartment was designed around Hevelius’ life, a famous astronomer, and his achievements. You can admire the starry sky and learn a thing or two about the celestial bodies.

The choice is yours. Of course there are other factors to take into account- location and price would be the two main ones. If you usually stay in a hotel, I think you should try staying in an apartment once. Let me know what you think! And enjoy your holidays!

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