Where to grab a coffee in Gdansk?

When visiting Gdansk you simply have to indulge yourself in some of the best specialities of the Polish cuisine. From great beer, to aromatic fish, to my all time favourite pierogis. There is enough delicacies to keep your going, no matter whether it’s a flying visit or a longer, leisurely holiday. As much as you need a good restaurant, you will need a great café serving delicious coffee to prevent you from falling into an afternoon slumber or simply kick start your morning. There are two fabulous and quirky (yup, it’s all about the quirkiness) cafes that you should visit when exploring Gdansk.

W Starym Kadrze: Kawiarnia Filmowa

If you love coffee and films then I think you have just hit the bull’s eye! The place is a hybrid of a small, quirky café and one of the tiniest (a wild guess) cinemas in the world, just at the back of the café. The décor is peculiar. The moment you step through the door, you feel like you are visiting your 80 year old aunty who is still living in 1970s. I liked it! Take a seat at a table covered with a crocheted tablecloth or sink into an old armchair. Old photographs on the walls, film posters, dozens of books on the shelves and in the windows. Coffee was hot and delicious. And strong! We strolled into the café late in the evening and fuelled by the drinks could not sleep till 3 o’clock in the morning! All I can say- it was worth it!

Jozef K.

Another perfect twisted mix! Coffee and literature/history. Jozef K. is the main protagonist of an acclaimed book by a Czech/German writer Franz Kafka, The Trial. An unspecified crime, mystery, unidentified forces and Jozef K. lost in the middle of the totalitarian chaos- a book worth reading. the café worth visiting! Two floors filled with paraphernalia from the communist area, books caged above your head, a tree in the middle of a table. Do you need more? A perfect spot for a quick afternoon coffee and a chance to catch up on the news.

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